On average, each year CAP members fly more than 100,000 hours in operational missions and save about 100 lives. CAP provides air and ground support for disaster relief, flying officials to remote locations, transporting blood or live tissue to critical care sites and performing aerial damage assessment.

While CAP has long been associated with search and rescue missions, its work also includes disaster relief and communications, as well as counterdrug and homeland security missions.

Search and rescue remains an important service provided by CAP members, however. CAP still flies 95 percent of all federal inland SAR missions, as directed by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center.


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National Board Members

Virginia Wing Headquarters


Commander:  1st Lt Doug Roberson


 502-0881 (HmOffice)    619-5614(Cell)

 Vice Commander: Capt Nancy Bateman


413-2588 (HmOffice)      639-5195 (Cell0

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